What is Strategic Budgeting

What is Strategic Budgeting

The budgeting method is Associate in Nursing integral a part of any business. The budgeting method is omnipresent and underlies virtually every call within the company world. In fact, critics of the budgeting method argue that the method takes an excessive amount of the management’s time. The management generally spends twenty-fifth to half-hour of 4 months of their time within the budgeting method. Despite a large amount of your time and resources spent within the budgeting method, the results are encouraging. the basis reason for this suboptimal performance is the indisputable fact that the budgeting method is short in nature and usually disconnected from the strategic objectives of the firm. this can be the explanation that over the years, the sector of strategic budgeting has become a lot of distinguished. Details concerning strategic budgeting are explained more in this article.

What is Strategic Budgeting
What is Strategic Budgeting


Part of Associate in Nursing Integrated Process:

Presently, the budgeting system across the planet is predicated on the past. this suggests that budgets area unit ready supported what they were within the previous year. However, the strategic surroundings of a firm might have modified drastically within the past year. for example, new technologies might have emerged or new competitors might enter into the business. New technologies and new competitors generally don’t become a threat to the business within the initial year of its existence. However, this can be the simplest time for the organization to mount a defense by allocating funds. Most corporation area units are unable to try and do therefore as a result the budgeting method is taken into account to be operational and is usually disconnected from the longer-term strategic plans of the organization. This changes once the principles of the strategic budgeting area unit are taken under consideration. Strategic budgeting is meant to be aligned with and derived from the longer-term strategic plans. this can be the explanation that strategic budgeting would forthwith understand a threat to its competitive positions and would begin allocating funds.

Use of Balanced Scorecards:

The matter with budgeting is that the analysis takes place strictly for the money purpose of reading. In several firms, individuals managing budgets area unit solely rewarded after they area unit ready to avoid wasting quantity from their allotted budget. there’s a floor and ceiling that is about up for each expense kind. the matter with this approach is that the main focus is only on money and ignores alternative factors. for example, cutting advertising prices might seem to be profitable in the short run however is probably going to guide to the loss of market share in the long-standing time. Strategic budgeting tries to remedy this downside by involving the employment of balanced scorecards. varied parameters area unit listed within the balanced book and once prices area unit reduced, their impact on alternative strategic objectives is additionally thought of. This provides the organization with a lot of holistic read of price reduction methods as hostile to the one-dimensional read of aggressive cost-cutting.

Multiyear Objective:

The method of budgeting is inherently short in nature. this can be as a result of the results derived from budgeting area unit valid for the most amount of 1 year. Strategic budgeting tries to induce obviate this defect of the budgeting method. Strategic budgeting isn’t connected to a short annual goal. Instead, it’s connected to a multiyear objective that’s derived from and thus is aligned with the strategic setup.


The budgeting method is commonly criticized for being backward-looking. this can be a result of budgets for this year’s area unit derived from the previous year’s budgets. However, with the appearance of strategic budgeting, this has been modified. Strategic budgets area unit sometimes zero-based budgets. this suggests that rather than exploiting the previous year as a base and so building from there, the budget is made from scratch per annum. As a result, the budget is sometimes aligned to strategic objectives and thus tends to be progressive.

Higher Empowerment:

Ancient budgeting may be a centralized method. Higher-level managers decide the budgets and so cascade these budgets to units or plants. However, this can be not how strategic budgeting works. Strategic budgeting may be a lot of inclusive methods whereby the opinion of ground-level personnel is additionally thought of. The ground-level personnel is briefed concerning the long-run objectives of the firm and ideas area unit sought-after from this personnel to be ready to reach the objectives.

Generation of Internal Funds:

Strategic budgeting is additionally connected with the strategic attempt to raise capital. Organizations that assume the long-run chart their growth path well ahead. As a result, they’re tuned in after they can like funds to accelerate the expansion of their business. this {can be} wherever strategic budgeting can facilitate them raising funds internally. If the firm is ready to manage its income in such some way that the funds required for the growth area unit are accessible at the right time, it’ll be ready to avoid seizing some terribly costly debt. this can be the purpose wherever strategic budgeting intersects with alternative areas in finance. Hence, it may be aforesaid that strategic budgeting plays a very important role in the long-run money management of the firm. Therefore, it’s vital for firms adopting strategic money management to conjointly adopt the strategic budgeting method.

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